Shibah Colors

The classic black Shibah grip now comes in 5 additional Odin-adjacent colorways:

  • White (opaque)
  • Pink (translucent)
  • Purple (translucent)
  • Grey (opaque)
  • White (clear)
Photograph of 5 Shibah Colors in a row
L-R: Pink, grey, white, purple, black

I have made the pictures as accurate as I can (based on my different monitors’ default settings) to reflect how they look IRL (In Real Life). However, if interested I am more then willing to send additional pictures.

These will be released in small quantities, and sometimes made to order. If you are interested in color that is not available or a custom color, send me a message.

All colors are compatible with the Odin, just like the original Shibah grip. Depending on the color the price and quantity will vary. Click here to buy yours now.


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