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  • Le Bloque

    The niche case you’ve always wanted. For the niche handheld you’ve always wanted.

  • Shibah Colors

    The classic black Shibah grip now comes in 5 additional Odin-adjacent colorways: I have made the pictures as accurate as I can (based on my different monitors’ default settings) to reflect how they look IRL (In Real Life). However, if interested I am more then willing to send additional pictures. These will be released in…

  • Shibah grip

    Meet the Shibah grip, the solution for larger hands to play the AYN Odin in comfort. This was the passion project that started it all. The Shibah grip holds your Odin as snug as can be, while keeping contact low to help with impact resistance.The intention when creating this was to amplify the already-sexy look…