AXEEZ Thumbstick Extensions

Have fun in comfort with AXEEZ thumbstick extensions

AXEEZ text and product image on a white background with black graphic design.

They are thumbstick extensions that are made to be used with “GuliKit Hall sensing joystick for Joy-Con”.

The Odin’s original thumbstick were way too low, and way too small. They “technically” got the job done. That’s not ok with me, with the amount of time that I spend with my device. AXEEZ are a product of necessity.

The R&D process was not the worst, it was delightfully challenging figuring out how to get resin to be strong enough to use in a functional piece. It’s made from industrial grade, high hardness (81D) resin, then treated in-house to maximize longevity. After strenuous testing continuously for months the day came when they were ready. They do the job and then some, and they look dope. When creating something out of necessity I call that a win.

They are light enough to not significantly effect your joystick’s resistance, depending on what caps you have on them.

Any Switch Joy-Con silicone cap should be able to fit them. Take them for a spin with different caps, and take note of how the concave design effects them, and your play style. Some create a pillow, some create a nice dimple, some create a unwinnable situation – because they should have never been a thumbstick cap to begin with!

Photograph of the original Odin thumbstick plus AXEEZ in 0.8cm and 1.2cm heights
Comparing the original Odin thumbstick with AXEEZ in two heights

Available now in both 0.8cm and 1.2cm heights and multipacks! Click here to order now.


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