A cloth tailor-made for up-keeping your handheld.

I personally didn’t like the feel of the current glasses cleaning cloths that we are stuck with, so I created my own. I chose a thick 400 gsm Terry Velour microfiber cloth, that feels fantastic in the hands.

Photograph of a folded microfiber cloth on top of a handheld
The Microfiber Cloth folded on top of my customized Odin inside Le Bloque

It took a while to make happen, but I am very happy with the result. It’s thick enough to clean off anything on your handheld, no additives needed. It doesn’t scratch or leave smears, and it can be maintained for years to come. In saying all that, I believe it was worth the wait.

Also, it can be used for more then just your handheld. I use it for my glasses, VR lenses too.

At the end of the day… It’s just a really nice cloth. A really nice cloth that will support MoFlo and help towards the bigger goal of effecting the bigger picture in a positive way.

Photograph of a flat unfolded microfiber cloth
Unfolded Microfiber Cloth

Available on my Etsy shop. The little things add up.


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