Le Bloque

The niche case you’ve always wanted. For the niche handheld you’ve always wanted.

Photograph of a closed Le Bloque
Le Bloque Case for Shibah-equipped Odin

This is more then a case. It’s a Kit. Full of features in a shockproof shell.

La Bloque’s features:

  • Securely holds and protects your Shibah Grip-equipped Odin from the the elements, and all life has to throw at it.
  • Upper and lower storage.
  • Restrainer for lower storage.
  • Switch thumb-cap storage slots.
  • Thumbstick storage slots.
  • Charge while stationed.
  • Lightly game while stationed.

With Le Bloque you can have everything that you would need for your Odin (cables, charger block, headphones, grip, handheld cloth, and maybe even a snack) in one place, and take it with you anywhere in subtle style.

The upper storage is your typical storage setup with a net and zipper. It’s a classic for a reason, it’s great for storing cables and slim items.

Le Bloque comes with a Microfiber Cloth that you can use to protect your screen by folding it and laying it over your screen, when needed for storage.

Photograph of a Le Bloque case with storage options
Le Bloque’s storage customized for thumbcaps, thumbsticks, and accessories

The lower storage is the area below your Odin. It is divided into storage for thumb-caps (Thumb-cap Storage) and storage for anything else you can fit down there (Everything Storage).

Thumb-cap Storage: This is as the name says. It is storage for your Switch Joy-Con circular thumb-caps. Thumb-caps with AXEEZ installed can also be stored there if placed upside down. You can easily put your caps into slots and you can easily pop them out using the notches on the sides.

Everything Storage: This takes advantage of the hexagonal grid that the floor of the insert is made of to allow you to set items above your thumb-caps but below your Odin for storage. There are included restrainers that can be used to keep items in place. Configure the restrainers based on what you’re storing.

There is also storage for Gulikit removable thumbsticks in the four corners of the TPU insert.

To protect all of its contents there is a high quality shock-proof shell with a TPU insert to handle everything else.

Those are the stats and facts. However, their is nothing quite like putting it to use, and having it in your hands.

Le Bloque is a limited-edition product, so pick up yours here – when they’re gone, they’re gone!


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