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    AXEEZ are thumbstick extensions and adapters that are designed to be used with a wide assortment of thumbstick grips. Currently Available for the Odin & Odin 2. Odin 1 AXEEZ work best with medium to large Switch thumbstick Grips. Odin 2 AXEEZ come in a range of sizes giving you access to an even larger…

  • Le Bloque

    The niche case you’ve always wanted. For the niche handheld you’ve always wanted.

  • AXEEZ Thumbstick Extensions

    Have fun in comfort with AXEEZ thumbstick extensions They are thumbstick extensions that are made to be used with “GuliKit Hall sensing joystick for Joy-Con”. The Odin’s original thumbstick were way too low, and way too small. They “technically” got the job done. That’s not ok with me, with the amount of time that I…