Shibah grip

Meet the Shibah grip, the solution for larger hands to play the AYN Odin in comfort.

This was the passion project that started it all.

The Shibah grip holds your Odin as snug as can be, while keeping contact low to help with impact resistance.The intention when creating this was to amplify the already-sexy look of the Odin while being just as functional, along with making it as comfortable for my XL hands as it can be without taking away from the silhouette and style of the Odin. All the bulk is in the back allowing you to get a good hold on it, it also allows it to sit up by itself for some quick viewing. The paddles in the back extend the back buttons for ease of use and allow for a comfortable session.Large US glove-sized hands and larger ones should be able to make the best use of this crafted grip for a delightful gaming experience on the AYN Odin. It is also comfortable for medium hands, but I feel like larger hands get the full/best experience.

A proper article is coming soon. There was a lot that went into this product.

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Photograph of the back of a Shibah grip mounted on a black Odin, on a wood surface in front of greenery
Shibah grip makes for a stable viewing stand for the Odin on a flat, stable surface.

The Shibah grip is available now! Click here to order.


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